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TransAmerica Medicare Supplement Plans

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TransAmerica Medicare Supplement PlansTransAmerica Medicare Supplemental plans have been serving United States citizens for almost five decades. TransAmerica Life Insurance Company is a member of the Aegon group.

Their subsidiaries are Stonebridge Life Insurance and TransAmerica Premier. Based out of San Francisco CA, they were found in 1904 and now serve over 19.5 million customers.

They have a ton of experience when it comes to helping seniors with their Medicare Supplement policies. Conservative rate increases make Transamerica Medicare Supplement plans a popular choice.

TransAmerica Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021

Different types of policies offer different benefits. Plans that offer to pay more costs have higher insurance premiums while those that offer fewer benefits are relatively cheap. Each plan letter has to offer the same benefits regardless of the insurance provider who offers them.

Transamerica Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F

Plan F is considered the full coverage plan of Medicare. Plan F picks up the beneficiary’s portion of the cost for Medicare-approved services.

Most beneficiaries choose this plan because they want easy to understand the coverage that pays for everything. Plan F is truly the most comprehensive plan on the market.

Transamerica Medicare Supplement Plan G

When it comes to the most bang for your buck, Plan G is the number one choice. This option covers the same benefits as Plan F, with only one exception.

That exception being Plan G does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible, the small annual one. For most Medicare beneficiaries these savings could be $250 or more each year.

TransAmerica Medicare Supplement Plan N

When it comes to the most affordable plan option with solid coverage, Plan N is the obvious choice. With affordable co-pays for the doctor and emergency room services, money-conscious beneficiaries go with this plan option.

Transamerica Rate Increases

The average rate increase for Transamerica is 9%; however, it’s important to remember that rate increase vary by state and plan letter. Some companies won’t have high increases for several years and then one year the increase will be much higher.

The best way to ensure you get quality coverage at the lowest rate and rate increase is to work with a broker that represents multiple carriers. When a broker makes a commission no matter which policy they sell you, they sell you the best policy.

TransAmerica Medicare Advantage Plans

Currently, TransAmerica Medicare Advantage Plans don’t exist.

Medicare Part D Plans offered by TransAmerica

At the end of 2016, Transamerica Part D plans came to an end. Medicare Supplement’s don’t include prescriptions; therefore, it’s necessary to enroll in a stand-alone prescription drug plan.

The best Part D plan for you depends on the prescriptions you take, and pharmacies you use.

TransAmerica Providers

Networks don’t exist on TransAmerica Medicare Supplement plans. Any Medicare Beneficiary can see any provider that accepts Medicare. It doesn’t matter what type of provider.

Those enrolled in a Medigap plan don’t need to worry about referrals. You can see any doctor that accepts Medicare Assignment.

Over 90% of providers throughout the United States take Original Medicare. However, Medicare Advantage plans replace your Original Medicare, confine policyholders to restrictive networks, and limitations.

TransAmerica Reviews

Including its parent company, TransAmerica provides insurance and financial solutions to more than 20 different markets throughout the world.

TransAmerica is considered a very stable company with plenty of financial surpluses to take care of their members.

However, TransAmerica does have many solutions that can be catered to your individual needs.

TransAmerica Carrier Ratings

TransAmerica boasts an A+ rating from AM Best. This means Medicare Beneficiaries know claims are taken care of quickly.

AM Best is the number one authority that rates Medicare Supplement companies. They are also given an A+ rating from the BBB.

How to Apply for a TransAmerica Medicare Supplement Plan

At MedicareFAQ, we pride ourselves on putting the beneficiary first. Our number one objective is to educate you on all facets of Medicare and ensure you understand your options.

We can make you confident in your coverage; we give you the information needed to make an informed and educated decision. Give us a call or complete our rate comparison form to see rates near you now.

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