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If you’re looking for the best group retiree coverage available, look no further. Seniors Choice started twenty years ago by giving employers with less than 20 employees a solution to the escalating group retiree and employee medical costs.

Seniors Choice is almost identical to a Medicare Supplement. Beneficiaries get the freedom to choose doctors, hospitals and the deductible that fits any budget. After the deductible, this policy picks up where Medicare leaves off, making this very similar to a Medigap Plan F.

This plan is considered creditable coverage for both healthcare and prescription drug needs. However, this is only if you select to enroll in the prescription plan as well as the healthcare coverage.

Premium rates are based on the rating area of the sponsoring entity, not on the location of the individual participants. Eligible participants include anyone that is not in a facility and is enrolled in Medicare Part A and B.

This means, no matter what your health issues are, as long as you’re not in a facility and you live in the plans service area; then, you’re eligible for Senior’s Choice Medigap coverage.

 Benefits Overview for Seniors Choice Plans

Seniors Choices is retiree group coverage that any Medicare Beneficiary can join. This product is always Guaranteed Issue for anyone 65 and over.

If you’re on a Medicare Advantage plan, you’ll be able to enroll in this plan at any time, since it’s considered group coverage and there is no underwriting.

Beneficiaries get an open enrollment each year that give them the opportunity to make changes, including adding benefits, with no underwriting required.

Seniors Choice Part D Rx plans is giving you the best coverage in the coverage gap. When you decide to retire, you can take this plan with you. Also, the employer will receive tax benefits just like any other group plan.

If you are looking for a customizable plan, Seniors Choice really gives you a lot of freedom. You can select your deductible, choose to have copays or not, choose the amount of Part D coverage you receive or choose no Part D coverage. With this company, it’s all about you!

Seniors Choice Plan Options

A policy with options, allows you to select what works for your budget and your healthcare needs. There are annual deductibles ranging from $0 up to $4000, with many options in between.

For Medicare Part A Hospitalization services, you will pay $0 once your deductible is met. A deductible is an amount that you pay for covered services until the agreed amount is met, then standard coverage begins.

All Medicare Deductibles are included in the plan deductibles, and some co-payments may apply after the Annual Plan Deductible is satisfied.

Medicare Part B covers outpatient hospital treatments, doctors’ visits, and specialists’ visits. When you satisfy your deductible, you are covered for Part B services with possibly NO co-payments.

However, different plan options are available, talking with a licensed insurance agent in your state will help you determine which plan is most suitable for you.

Enrolling in their no co-pay plan is simple. One of our agents will talk to you about your many options with Seniors Choice, the truly customizable plan.

Seniors Choice Medical Optional Benefits

To no surprise, the best group retiree medical plan company offers additional, optional benefits that include:

  • Additional Skilled Nursing
  • Private Duty Nursing
  • At-home recovery
  • Comprehensive wellness
  • Wellness care can include alternative healthcare (massages and acupuncture), dental and vision, annual physicals, chronic disease self-management programs, substance abuse prevention and violence prevention counseling.

Beneficiaries can even choose to receive their Part D Prescription Drug coverage through Seniors Choice, making enrollment and coverage simple.

Seniors Choice Rate Increases

No matter which company you choose to enroll with, the annual rate increases are unavoidable. Insurance companies have annual rate increases largely due to age; as you get older, the cost of your care becomes more expensive.

Additionally, insurance rates increase mainly by state, carrier, and plan letter. So, Plan G in Utah will have a different rate increase than Plan G in New York.

The most reliable way to have quality coverage is to work with one of our brokers. Our brokers are licensed experts in Medigap, they understand the ins and outs of the top-rated carriers, and they know how to find the best coverage.

Seniors Choice Part D Prescription Drug Plan Options

This is a company that is all about the beneficiaries, they offer you plenty of choices that make a custom plan possible. They have deductible options and no deductible options, they have three Part D plans that you can choose from, each having a special benefit.

If you missed the Annual Enrollment Period for your prescription drugs, you would be eligible to enroll in one of these Part D plans, since it is a group plan.

The Choice Plan has an annual deductible of $310 for brand name prescriptions only. So, if you take all generic prescriptions, this plan could be ideal for you. With low costs co-payments and the option for a three-month mail order supply, you could save quite a bit of money on this plan.

The Preferred Plan is very similar to the “choice” plan, with a $310 deductible on brand name prescriptions and low costing co-payments you can expect quality coverage. Having your prescription available on the formulary is highly important.

The Premier Plan is the most comprehensive plan, with a larger formulary and no deductible beneficiaries can expect immediate coverage on their prescriptions. When you talk to one of our agents, they can see which plan will benefit you the most based on the prescriptions you have.

No More Coverage Gap

There is no coverage gap on this plan, so you continue to pay the same amount as when you’re in the initial coverage period. Once you reach the $5,000 out-of-pocket drugs cost you will enter catastrophic coverage.

Seniors with specialty drugs that aren’t covered in many other Formularies or those with high-cost prescriptions trying to avoid the coverage gap will love this plan.

Seniors Choice Reviews

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave Seniors Choice an A+ rating; this means they are an excellent company and choice for your healthcare needs.

Talking with one of our licensed agents allows you to customize your healthcare plan. We help you meet your health coverage goals while staying in your budget.

Benefits of Enrolling Through MedicareFAQ

When you choose to work with MedicareFAQ, you get an agent that will focus on you and your needs. Our Brokers will educate you on what matters most on Medicare changes.

Working with one of our experts won’t cost you a thing and we always do the best for our clients. Our client service team will be available for you, every step of the way.

We will be here for you, through your lifetime at no additional costs. When there is ever an issue with coverage, we’re here to guide you and solve the problem.

You can complete an online rate form! Although, if you prefer to work with one of our licensed Medicare specialists, please call the phone number above.