Accendo Insurance Company Medicare Supplement Plans

Accendo Insurance Company offers Medicare Supplement (Medigap) and final expense policies in certain states across the U.S. This company is a subsidiary of Aetna Insurance as part of the merger with CVS Health and is becoming a prominent carrier nationwide.

As a newer company in the Medicare market, Accendo combines its unique product benefits with Aetna’s reputation to offer beneficiaries a competitive Medigap product. Below, we review Accendo’s Medigap plan offerings, nationwide availability, and reviews.

Is Accendo Part of Aetna?

Accendo Insurance Company is an affiliate company of Aetna which emerged as a part of the Aetna CVS merger in 2018, and a newer carrier of Medicare Supplement plans. Accendo offers five of twelve standardized Medigap plans nationwide. These options include:

Along with the standardized Medicare Supplement benefits, policies through Accendo Insurance Company offer the following benefits:

  • Competitively priced premiums
  • Rate guarantee of 12 months for all plans
  • No waiting period imposed for beneficiaries with pre-existing conditions
  • In-house customer service
  • Up to a 14% household discount

What are the Best Accendo Medicare Supplement Plans?

All Medicare Supplement plans help bridge the gap between the coverage Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) provides and the beneficiary’s costs. Thus, these policies help safeguard your finances from out-of-pocket costs.

Because Accendo Insurance Company is a newer distributor of Medigap plans, the top picks from this carrier include Medigap Plan G and Plan N. While Accendo also offers Medicare Supplement Plan F, it is not one of the carrier’s most popular plans due to its high year-over-year rate increases compared to Plan G.

Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F through Accendo Insurance Company is one of the most highly sought-after Medigap plans. This is due to its full coverage benefits. However, you are only eligible to enroll in this plan if you were eligible prior to 1/1/20. Anyone new to Medicare after this date will not be able to enroll in Medigap Plan G through any carrier.

While this plan leaves you with zero out-of-pocket-costs, it does typically have the highest premium among Medigap plans. If you are not eligible, Plan G is the next best alternative.

Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan G

Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan G is the most popular Medigap plan for new beneficiaries. It provides the most comprehensive coverage of all the available lettered plans for those newly eligible.

Medicare Supplement Plan G covers all out-of-pocket costs Original Medicare leaves behind, except for the Medicare Part B deductible. Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan G offers the same coverage as Medicare Supplement Plan G through any other carrier.

The government standardizes Medicare Supplement plan benefits across all companies. Yet, prices for the same plans differ across carriers and locations.

Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan N

Accendo Medicare Supplement Plan N is great for beneficiaries who wish to have comprehensive coverage at a low monthly premium. With Medicare Supplement Plan N, you are responsible for the Medicare Part B deductible, $20 to $50 copayments, and Part B excess charges when they apply in the state where you receive coverage.

Keep in mind, not every state allows excess charges. Plus, they are uncommon in states allowing them because most practitioners accept Medicare assignment. So, excess charges would only be an issue with a doctor who does not accept Medicare assignment in a state that allows excess charges.

Accendo Insurance Company Availability

Accendo Insurance Company originally offered Medicare Supplement policies to eligible Medicare beneficiaries in 42 states nationwide. However, as of April 2023, that number has decreased and will continue to do so throughout the year as the carrier intends to discontinue coverage for new enrollees nationwide in the near future. 

Plans are not available in the following states:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona**
  • Colorado*
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia*
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho**
  • Indiana*
  • Iowa*
  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • Maryland*
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska*
  • New Mexico**
  • Oklahoma**
  • Rhode Island*
  • Texas**
  • Vermont*
  • Washington
  • Washington D.C.
  • Wisconsin*
  • Wyoming**

*Coverage is still available to those who enrolled in Accendo Medicare Supplement benefits prior to 4/28/23

**Coverage is still available to those who enrolled in Accendo Medicare Supplement benefits prior to 5/29/23

If you reside in any of the above, Accendo does not currently offer Medigap coverage. However, that could change in the future as the company expands.

If you do not live in one of the states above, you may be eligible to enroll in an Accendo Medicare Supplement plan. In all states except five where Accendo is available, the company offers a 14% household discount for beneficiaries living in the same home as someone else on an Accendo Medigap plan. Both beneficiaries will receive the discount on their premium each month.

North Dakota does not offer a 14% discount for enrollees. However, they offer a 10% household discount instead.

The following states do not offer any discounts through Accendo Insurance Company:

  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • New Jersey
  • Vermont

Household discounts are subject to change at any time, and eligibility can vary by state.

Accendo Insurance Company Medicare Supplement Plan Reviews

Accendo Insurance Company is a highly rated carrier, receiving an A-rating for financial strength and issuer credit from A.M. Best. In addition to their rating, their affiliate company, Aetna, has been providing supplemental Medicare insurance for over 50 years and is a member of the CVS Health family. Aetna’s well-established reputation extends to Accendo Medicare Supplement plans.

In addition to their company rating, consumers are also satisfied with the new Medigap carrier. Its enrollees praise Accendo for having exceptional customer service and paying claims efficiently.

FAQs About Accendo Insurance Company

Is Accendo the same as Aetna?
Accendo and Aetna are two different companies. However, the newer Medigap company, Accendo, is an affiliate of the well-established Medicare Supplement carrier Aetna.
Does Accendo offer Medicare Advantage plans?
No, Accendo does not offer Medicare Advantage plans. The only category of supplemental Medicare insurance Accendo sells is Medigap plans.
Does Accendo offer Medicare Part D plans?
No, Accendo does not sell Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. Accendo started as a final expense life insurance company, selling policies in every state, and recently added Medicare Supplement plans to their roster of products.

How to Sign Up for a Medigap Plan With Accendo Insurance Company

If you live in a state where Accendo Medicare Supplement plans are available and would like to learn more, we are here for you. Medicare Supplement plans are not permanent, so if you can find a policy through a reputable carrier at a lower cost, it often makes sense to switch carriers.

Through Accendo, you will especially benefit if someone in your household already has or switches to a policy through Accendo or Aetna. This way, you will both be eligible for their household discount.

Our agents are licensed in all states offering Accendo Medigap policies. To find out if Accendo is your best option, give us a call at the phone number above or fill out our online rate form.

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  1. Accendo is great when it comes to all around knowledge about the needs for the customer. I asked if there was a discount if my husband joined the plan and our agent said there is a 14% discount which was GREAT. At our age every penny counts. great job Kedrick.

    1. Hi Joan, the easiest way to change your address is by contacting Accendo customer service. The best contact number should be located on the back of your insurance card.

    1. Hi Cheryl! Sorry to hear about this confusion. If you are still having issues with this, I recommend reaching out to Accendo customer service at 1-800-264-4000

  2. I have a plan G with Accendo. I would like to register and login to my account but can’t find Accendo’s website. Please help. Thank you.

    1. If you are in need of new cards, the easiest way to do so it to reach out to Accendo directly. Their customer service phone number is 1-800-264-4000

  3. I currently have Accendo Medicare Plan F and will be traveling to Ireland for 11 days in August. Will my insurance cover me should I need to seek medical treatment?

    1. If you need to receive emergency medical services during your trip, Medicare Supplement Plan F will cover up to $50,000 after a $250 deductible.

  4. Does the Accendo Medicare Supplemental Plan F provide coverage in Europe? If not, can one purchase supplemental coverage from Accendo to have healthcase coverage while in Europe, perhaps for up to 4 months in Europe for each visit? Or is there another insurance company that sells a plan that covers Europe (France)?

    1. William, Accendo will only provide emergency benefits outside of the U.S. There is no Medicare Supplement plan that will cover anything more than emergency benefits overseas. If you need foreign coverage, you will need to look info travel insurance.

  5. Does Accendo offer Medicare Supplement coverage in Florida? We are Wisconsin residents now with Accendo as our Traditional medicare supplement provider and are considering moving to Florida this year.

    1. Debra, Accendo does offer Medigap plans in Florida. However, Medigap plan costs do vary by ZIP code. I recommend calling Accendo and verifying your new address with them.

  6. If your application was denied because of inaccurate medical information from Milliman Reporting Agency, information/clarification from PCP needs to be sent to what address/contact (Accendo) for re-review of application with accurate medical information.

    1. Carolyn, if your application was denied due to inaccurate reporting and your doctor is willing to make the corrections, the doctor must send the retractions to Miliman directly.

      Miliman IntelliScript

      PO Box 2223

      Brookfield, WI 53008


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