Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F (Medigap)

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Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F is one of the standardized plans that was created to compliment Medicare Part A & Part B. High Deductible Plan F has the same coverage as the traditional Plan F. The difference between the two plans is the deductible. You’ll notice Plan F high deductible is also referred to as Part F high deductible. There’s no difference between Plan F and Part F, the correct terminology is Plan F but we’ll use both terms throughout this page. To help educate you on the facts, we’ll discuss a few main points below. We’ll review the difference between traditional Plan F and Medicare Supplement High Deducible Plan F, what benefits are included with this plan and how you can apply. It’s also important to be aware that these plans and Medigap plans are the exact same thing.

Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F

Both traditional Medicare Supplement Plan F and Medicare Supplement Plan F High Deductible include the same coverage. The only difference is with traditional Plan F you get full coverage of all out-of-pocket costs including deductibles, coinsurance, co-payments as well as any excess charges that Original Medicare didn’t cover.

With the High Deductible Plan F you’re responsible for any coinsurance, co-payments or deductibles up to your designated deductible amount. Due to the deducible, the premium is significantly lower then it’s sister Plan F. The premium is different for each carrier and for each beneficiary based on many different variables including your current health status, age, gender and which carrier you purchase your plan with. Your benefits won’t kick in until all out-of-pocket expenses have reached their max. 

Plan F High Deductible Benefits

The benefits listed are covered by both Traditional Plan F & High Deductible Plan F:

  1. Skilled Nursing Facility
  2. Foreign Travel Emergency
  3. First 3 Pints of Blood
  4. Coinsurance & Hospital Costs of Medicare Part A
  5. Hospice Care Co-payments and Coinsurance of Medicare Part A
  6. Deductible of Medicare Part A
  7. Coinsurance & Co-payments of Medicare Part B
  8. Deducible of Medicare Part B
  9. Any Excess Charges of Medicare Part B

Both plans will cover any costs for skilled nursing facility care past day 20 and up to day 100. If you become hospitalized for more then 60 days Original Medicare would start applying a co-payment for each additional day. Both F Plans will cover any co-payment costs incurred starting with day 61 up to day 150. These supplement plans would also cover the 20% OM doesn’t pay for any ambulance costs, durable medical equipment, out-patient surgery or urgent care. 

There may be other plans with lower premiums then Traditional Plan F and Medicare Supplement High F available to you. If you’re faced with high out-of-pocket costs, need above average healthcare services or see your doctor frequently then Plan F will give you the most financial help with Medicare costs. You can view all plan options by clicking here

When to Apply for Medicare Supplement Plan F High Deductible

There’s a 6 month time frame that begins when you’re enrolled in Medicare Part B & are 65 or older. This time frame is called Open Enrollment Period. During this time, carriers can’t turn down your application for coverage due to health issues or any pre-existing conditions. Once you’ve passed this 6 month time frame the carriers are allowed to deny you coverage because of your current health conditions as well as charge you a higher rates.

Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F Online Rate Comparison Form

Our FAQ pages answer many common questions. You can also check out our blog for recent Medicare headlines or view our video gallery and watch our agents recorded live in action answering your questions. 

Depending on your personal preference there are a few ways you can apply for Medicare Plan F High Deductible. If you prefer speaking to a licensed agent you can call the number above to talk to a representative now or fill out our contact form. Or you can start the application process by filling out our compare rates form to see a side-by-side comparison of the costs in your area.