Medicare Supplement Plan D

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Medicare Supplement Plan D is one of the many supplement plans that were created to fill in the gaps of coverage Original Medicare doesn’t cover.

Each Medicare Supplement Plan includes a basic set of additional benefits that work along side your Original Medicare. Aside from the basic set of benefits included with all Medigap Plans, Plan D includes four additional benefits.

Medicare Supplement Plan D should not be confused with Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. Traditional Medicare is broken down into parts, Medicare Supplements are broken down into plans.

Medicare Supplement Plan D

Medicare Supplement Plan D is generally seen as a middle ground between the plans that offer the most coverage and those that offer the least. Therefore, providing broader coverage that is more affordable than some of the other coverage options.

Benefits Covered Under Medicare Supplement Plan D

Medicare Supplement Plan D benefits includes medical expenses that are not paid through Original Medicare.

These expenses include:

  • 20% Not Covered by Medicare under Part B
  • Part A Deductible
  • Part B Coinsurance & Copayments
  • Part A Hospice Care Coinsurance & Copayments
  • Skilled Nursing Care Coinsurance
  • Emergency Medical Costs While Traveling Outside the U.S.
  • Preventive Care Coinsurance

Medicare Supplement Plan D Does Not Cover

Medicare Supplement Plans also do not cover routine dental or vision exams. There are stand-alone dental, vision and hearing plans that are set up to compliment your Medicare Supplement Plan D and Original Medicare benefits.

Medicare Supplement Plan D Costs

Medicare Supplement Plan D can keep many of your out of pocket costs low. Many beneficiaries don’t realize the 20% left responsible for you to pay under Part B can very quickly add up, leaving you stuck in a tight financial spot.

Let’s say you’re diagnosed with Sleep Apnea. You spent a day or so in the hospital, then had multiple follow up visits with your primary doctor. You also had to undergo tests to determine what CPAP machine you need in order to keep your Sleep Apnea under control.

Without a Medicare Supplement Plan, you would end up paying the Part A & Part B deductible + 20% your responsible to cover for durable medical equipment that falls under Part B.

CPAP machines can costs thousands of dollars, they also need regular maintenance parts to be refilled. If you had Medicare Supplement Plan D, the only out of pocket cost you would be responsible for is your Part B deductible.

Now, if you had a more serious illness or diagnosis… your out of pocket costs could be astronomical.

Medicare Supplement Plan D Premiums

Costs for each plan depend on many factors including age, location and gender. Plan D may cost more for residents in one state vs another.

On average, this plan can costs anywhere between $110-$200 per month depending on your specific rate determining factors.

When Should I Enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan D

You have to be enrolled in Medicare Part A & B first. Once your Part B is in effect, you can enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan at anytime. Medigap Plans do not have specific enrollment periods each year where you have to wait to enroll like Original Medicare does.

However, there is a better time to enroll that will guarantee your acceptance with the lowest possible premium. The 1st of the month, when your 65 years old AND enrolled in Medicare Part B, is when your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment begins.

At the time you’ll have Guaranteed Issue right to enroll. This means that the carriers can’t refuse you coverage due to a pre-existing healthcare issue. They also cannot charge you more in monthly premiums due to your age.

Medicare Supplement Plan D Carriers

Each carrier offers different letter plans per state. Just because a carrier offers Medicare Supplement Plan D in one state, does not mean they offer it in another. That’s why it’s important to speak to a licensed agent that can compare all the carriers side by side per state.

Another important fact, regardless of the carrier you choose to enroll with, the benefits for Medicare Supplement Plan D will be exactly the same. The ONLY difference between each carrier and your letter plan of choice is the premium they charge for it.

Compare Rates for Medicare Supplement Plan D

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