Medicare Supplement Plan B (Medigap)

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Medicare Supplement Plan B is one of the ten available supplement plans for Medicare recipients. Please don’t get confused with PART B vs. PLAN B, these are two completely separate plans. Medicare Part B is the doctor portion of Original Medicare coverage, whereas Plan B is a type of supplement policy. If you have Medicare Parts A and B, then you can get Medicare Supplement Plan B insurance coverage. Offered through private insurance companies, it’s important to keep in mind that you may or may not have the ability to purchase Plan B as it depends on whether insurance companies in your state offer it. 

Medicare Supplement Plan B Benefits and Coverage

Medicare Supplement Plan B coverage is best suited for those who are generally in good health, don’t require regular trips to the hospital, or don’t see a need for hospice care in the near future. If you suffer from a medical condition that requires regular medical attention, however, you should consider a supplement plan to help cover unforeseen and future medical expenses. Medicare Supplement Plan B has some of the least benefits of the 10 plans that are offered. 

When to Buy Medicare Supplement Insurance

The best time to buy Medicare Supplement insurance is during your Open Enrollment period, which starts when you turn 65 (this is when you become eligible for Medicare Part B). You have 6 months to find an insurance company, determine monthly premiums, and sign up. During this time, insurance companies that offer supplement insurance cannot deny you coverage or charge extra if you have additional health problems. If applying after the six-month enrollment period, insurance companies can deny your application due to your health history or charge more. To get the best premium and ensure you receive coverage, you should register during the Open Enrollment period.

Medicare Supplement Regulations & Guidelines

Insurance companies must adhere to the Medicare Supplement regulations and guidelines set forth by individual states concerning the sale of these plans. This means that Medicare Supplement Plan B may not be available to you depending on the state in which you live. It’s important to investigate your state’s labeling of supplemental insurance coverage so you get the exact coverage you need.

Get All the Medicare Supplement Information You Need

The parts and plans that make up Medicare and supplemental insurance can seem impossible to understand at first glance. But by breaking down each bit of Medicare Supplement information into easy-to-understand pieces, you will soon discover the type of coverage that’s right for you. We provide answers to the most common questions over on our FAQ pages and update our blog regularly to keep our clients informed. We also have informational videos done by our own senior agents to help educate you on all your supplement options. 

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