Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance for Veterans

Veterans Medicare and supplemental health insurance benefits are the same as everyone else’s Medicare benefits. Please keep in mind, Medicare will only cover medical treatment at a Medicare approved facility and VA benefits will only cover medical treatment at a VA approved facility.

Original Medicare & Medicare Supplements for Veterans

Medicare Supplements for Veterans

Since VA plans only cover treatment at VA facilities, the VA highly recommends you get Traditional Medicare coverage.

Congress sets the priority groups and funding for VA benefits each year. Those that are eligible for VA benefits are given a priority level numbered 1-8.

Your assigned priority level is what determines the level of benefits you’re eligible for, with priority number 1 getting the most amount of coverage and priority number 8 getting the least amount of coverage.

The VA recommends that all veterans, with any priority level, should supplement their VA benefits with Medicare.

However, those with higher priority levels will benefit the most. Your priority level is determined by factors such as the length of your military service and your income level.

There’s no guarantee that congress will approve enough funds for the VA to provide health care coverage to all priority levels, leaving you vulnerable and without any health care coverage.

That’s why Medicare is a great backup to keep your finances safe.

Should I Apply for Medicare Part A Hospital Coverage if I Have VA Benefits?

Absolutely! Part A Medicare hospital coverage, under normal circumstances, is premium free! This gives you the option to receive hospital coverage at a non VA facility.

Should I Apply for Medicare Part B Medical Coverage if I Have VA Benefits?

Yes, it’s highly recommended that Medicare eligible veterans apply for Medicare Part B medical coverage. Part B does require a monthly premium, but it will give you peace of mind knowing that your healthcare costs will be covered.

Should I Apply for Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage if I Have VA Benefits?

Possibly. Since veterans usually have prescription drug coverage from the VA, they normally choose to not enroll in Medicare Part D. Since VA prescription drug coverage is considered creditable coverage, you can enroll in Medicare Part D penalty free outside your initial enrollment period if you wish to have additional coverage with your VA drug coverage.
It’s important to note that your VA prescription drug coverage benefits will only cover prescription medications that were prescribed by a VA doctor.
Since Part D Medicare plans are considered affordable, a lot of veterans opt to enroll in this additional stand alone drug policy so that their medications are covered in the case they see a Medicare approved doctor.

Should I Apply for Medigap If I Have VA Benefits?

Most definitely! Medigap plans for veterans, commonly referred to as Medicare Supplements, will fill in the gaps in health care coverage left by your VA benefits and Original Medicare. All veterans are well aware of the reputation that VA facilities have received over the past few years.
Health care at a VA facility is prioritized by who is the most ill and who has the lowest income. They’re known for having a very long waiting period for important treatments and procedures.
Veterans who opt to enroll in Medigap will be able to see a provider sooner and have their out of pocket costs left after Medicare pays their portion covered. Such out of pocket costs that Medicare Supplements will cover include coinsurance, copayments and deductibles.
Medigap also includes coverage for veterans when traveling outside of the united states. With veterans having a real concern regarding their finances when it comes to health care during an emergency situation, more and more decide to enroll in Medigap.

When Should I Use Medigap Benefits vs VA Benefits?

It made me smarter to use your VA benefits instead of your Medigap benefits if you’re high on the priority list and the waiting period is not too long.

If you need prescription drugs or inpatient hospital care, it’s better to use your VA benefits since you’re getting low to no-cost health benefits.

If you are low on the priority level and face an extended wait time for medical treatment, you should consider using your Medicare and Medigap coverage instead.

What’s the Best Medigap Plan for Veterans?

The best Medigap plan for veterans is dependent on their individual health care needs and budget. With 10 letter plans to choose from, you’ll be able to find a plan that fits your situation perfectly to give you the extra coverage you’re looking for.

Give us a call today for more information on plans and prices. You can also use our online price comparison tool to see rates side by side in your area.

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