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Medicare Plan F vs. Plan G vs. Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan F vs. Plan G vs. Plan N, provide the most comprehensive benefits of all 12 Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans. When comparing benefits, you can see why these are the most popular Medicare Supplement plans. If you are like most people, you want your supplemental policy to cover as many healthcare costs as possible without breaking the bank. This is precisely what a Medigap plan aims to accomplish.

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Although Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, the differences between each plan letter can be significant. Below we will compare the top three Medicare Supplement plans nationwide; Medicare Supplement Plan F vs. Plan G vs. Plan N.

What’s the Difference Between Medigap Plan F vs. Plan G vs. Plan N?

Medicare Supplement plans work alongside Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) to cover the costs it typically leaves you to pay. The level of coverage you receive depends on the Medicare Supplement plan in which you enroll. Nationally, the most popular Medicare Supplement plans are Medigap Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. These are the most popular due to their comprehensive coverage.

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When comparing Medigap Plan F vs. G vs. N, you’ll notice they provide similar coverage. Note that all premiums are different per state and carrier, but the benefits remain the same.

Medicare Supplement Plan F vs G vs N Comparison

With Medicare Supplement Plan F, you’ll have zero out-of-pocket costs outside your monthly premium. This is because Medigap Plan F is a first-dollar coverage plan. Your Medicare Supplement Plan F plan will cover benefits from the first dollar remaining after Original Medicare pays its portion.

You have no deductible, no coinsurance, and no copays. All you have to pay is your monthly premium. Additionally, due to its high level of coverage, Medicare Supplement Plan F has the highest monthly premium of the three plans. A typical Medicare Supplement Plan F policy can range from $180-$300 per month.

With Medicare Supplement Plan G, your only out-of-pocket expense is the Medicare Part B deductible. After you meet the deductible, Medigap Plan G will cover the rest, just like Plan F. The average monthly premium for Medigap Plan G is between $150-$220, putting it in the middle of the three plans for coverage and cost.

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Lastly, Medicare Supplement Plan N is excellent for those who are okay paying a small copay when they visit the doctors or hospital. These small copays keep the monthly premium low. If you often go to the doctor’s office, you may want to consider Medigap Plan G.

On Medigap Plan N, you will also be responsible for any applicable Medicare Part B excess charges. However, these charges are not standard. Some states don’t even allow them.

Regarding premiums, Medicare Supplement Plan N has the lowest average cost among the three plans. The average monthly Medicare Supplement Plan N premium nationwide is $110-$200.

The federal government standardizes benefits for Medicare Supplement plans. This means the benefits across each letter plan are the same, regardless of the carrier you choose. So, if you like Medicare Supplement Plan G the most, the benefits will not change, no matter what carrier you choose.

Plan F vs Plan G vs Plan N Comparison Chart


What is the difference between Plan F and Plan G?

When it comes to coverage, Medicare Supplement Plan F will give you the most because it’s a first-dollar coverage plan and leaves you with zero out-of-pocket costs. However, if you’re looking for a lower monthly premium, Medicare Supplement Plan G may be better for you. So, the answer to the question depends on your own needs.

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Additionally, if you are deciding between Medicare Supplement Plan F vs. Plan G, you will want to ensure you are eligible for both plans. Those new to Medicare are no longer eligible for Plan F. Thus, many enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan G.

Should I Switch from Medigap Plan F to Plan G?

If you can switch Medigap plans without medical underwriting, you should consider the pros and cons of changing plans. Depending on your needs, switching from one Medigap plan to another may be ideal for future healthcare costs. This can be the right decision when it comes to changing from Medicare Supplement Plan F to Plan G.

Due to the discontinuation of Medigap Plan F for those new to Medicare, fewer enrollees join the plan each year. Therefore, those on the plan continue to age, become sick, and eventually, insurance companies must raise monthly premiums to keep up with costs.

Thus, Medicare Supplement Plan F monthly premiums are rising at an annual rate almost double the other Medicare Supplement plans. So, Medicare Supplement Plan G is quickly becoming the most cost-effective plan, even after you pay the Medicare Part B deductible out-of-pocket.

What is the Difference Between Plan G and Plan N?

When you compare Medicare Supplement Plan G vs. Plan N, you’ll see that Plan G comes with more coverage. However, Medicare supplement Plan N involves lower monthly premiums. In exchange for this, however, you agree to pay small copays when visiting the doctor or hospital.

So, if you prefer to pay less as you use the benefits, then Medicare Supplement Plan G may be better for you since you won’t have any copays when visiting the doctor or hospital. If you prefer a lower premium and don’t mind paying more out-of-pocket over time, then Medicare Supplement Plan N benefits may be better for you.


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Medicare Supplement Plan G vs. Plan N Cost

Medigap Plan G and Plan N are similar. However, there are differences in cost and out-of-pocket responsibilities between plans. The chart below reviews Medicare Supplement Plan G vs. Plan N costs.

Costs Medicare Supplement Plan N Medicare Supplement Plan G
Medicare Part A copays/coinsurance Covers 100% Covers 100%
Medicare Part A deductible Covers 100% Covers 100%
Medicare Part B copays/coinsurance $20 copay at doctor

$50 copay at ER

Covers 100%
Medicare Part B deductible Does not cover Does not cover
Medicare excess charges Does not cover Covers 100%
Average monthly premium $76 – $349 $100 – $368

As you can see, the main difference between Medicare Supplement Plan N and Plan G is the Medicare Part B copayments and excess charges. Medigap Plan G covers these expenses at 100%. Yet, on Medicare Supplement Plan N, you are responsible for covering these costs out-of-pocket.

The right plan for you depends on your needs. If you rarely visit the doctor, Medigap Plan N may be right for you. On the other hand, if you wish to have full coverage with the lowest out-of-pocket costs possible, Medicare Supplement Plan G may be your best option.

How to Compare Medigap Plan N vs. Plan F vs. Plan G

Understanding your Medicare Supplement plan options is essential when choosing the best coverage for your needs. At MedicareFAQ, we help you choose the Medigap policy that’s best for you.

We work with all the top carriers and can provide you with unbiased options to get the most affordable Medicare Supplement plan with the best coverage. We’ll answer all your questions and help you enroll in a policy that works for you.

Complete our online rate form to begin your free Medicare Supplement Plan F vs. Plan G vs. Plan N rate comparison today!


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Kayla Hopkins

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Ashlee Zareczny

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14 thoughts on "Medicare Plan F vs. Plan G vs. Plan N"

    1. Hi Margaret – we are assuming you may have a Medicare Advantage plan with SilverSneakers or similar coverage. We recommend contacting your plan’s carrier to inquire about which local gyms are included in your coverage.

  1. I am on plan F. I could go to plan G and save some money but wonder if this will be cost effective in the long term if deductibles for G go way up. Given plan F no longer available should I stay on F as I am already on it?

    1. Hi Antonius – we recommend that each year, you compare what you would spend annually on Plan G to what you currently spend on Plan F. If by switching to Plan G, you would be saving more than the Part B deductible costs for the year (for example, if your premium savings for the year wouldn’t at least equal next year’s deductible of $233), you may want to consider switching. However, keep in mind that if you want to go back to Plan F, you may need to go through medical underwriting and answer health questions.

  2. I will be receiving Medicare as of 2/1/2020. I have to get a prescription plan in place and I’m do confused with the information. Coukd u please assist me. I would appreciate it very much.

    1. Hi Patricia! Yes, of course, we can help you. Give us a call at your earliest convenience so we can go over your options.

    1. Hi Mike! There are many different rating factors that come into place with premiums. It’s impossible to give you a quote by just knowing the state you live in. Give us a call and we can compare rates with all the carriers that are available in your area for you.

  3. Is it worthwhile to get the dental and vision supplemental coverage and if yes, is it better to go with Innovative F than to do G + supplemental dental and vision?

    1. Hi Evelyn! Since Medigap plans do not cover dental or vision, it’s best to add on a supplemental dental and vision plan. The only difference between Plan F & Plan G is the Part B deductible, which will be $198 in 2020. The better option depends on the monthly premium difference between Plan G and Plan F in your area. Example, if the Plan F premium in your area is $140, but the Plan G premium is $100, you end up spending $480 more over a 12-month period in premiums with Plan F just to have the Part B deductible of $198 covered. However, this could not be the case in another area. If you use our rate form, we can compare both plan rates in your area side by side to see which plan is more cost-efficient for you.

  4. Both my husband and I have supplemental plan F now. If we keep it for 2020 but decide to change to plan G in 2021, will we have to answer health questions before we can switch?

    1. Hi Cheri! Yes, you would have to answer health questions before you can switch. Our team can help you with the process when you’re ready!

  5. I have pretty much decided that I want a Plan F (or possibly Plan G) for our (my wife Cheryl and I) supplemental Medicare insurance. We will both be turning 65 in September 2019. I couple of issues for us to consider. 1) We will be splitting time between Cobb county GA and Beaufort county SC – so we need a plan/carrier where we will be covered in both places. 2) I am very interested in Silver Sneakers, so we need a plan/carrier that would cover this in both locations. Thanks, John

    1. Hi John! To answer your questions… 1) All Medigap plans will cover you across all 50 states 2) Some carriers do offer SilverSneakers in their Medigap plans, but this varies across states. Your best option is to talk to one of our agents so they can research the plans in your area that include SilverSneakers in both states.


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