Does Medicare Call You at Home

When enrolling in Medicare, you should be aware that neither Social Security nor Medicare calls you to get information. Should any issue arise in which Medicare or Social Security needs any information from you, they’ll ALWAYS send you a letter to notify you. If you’re getting too many spam phone calls, you might want to get on the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call list. Medicare beneficiaries are likely to receive phone calls once they become eligible for Medicare

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You can get back to enjoying your day in peace after following any of the ways to put an end to spam calls or most of them anyway. You must be looking for a way to get on the Medicare Do Not Call list. Beneficiaries often see an influx in spam calls when becoming eligible for benefits.

There is light at the end of the tunnel; you can register your number with the Federal Trade Commission. Below we can teach you how to join the Do Not Call list. Further, we discuss how to know when Medicare is calling you, and when it’s a scam.

How to Stop Medicare Phone Calls

First, you’ll want to be sure to add your telephone number to the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call List. To register, call from the phone which you want on the Do Not Call list. The phone number is 1-888-382-1222. You can also register your phone number online as well, but you’ll need to be sure you have an email account to do so.

Also, register both your cell phone and home phone to put an end to the calls. If you find you’re still getting spam calls 31 days after you register with the Do Not Call list, file a complaint. If you have a smartphone, you can install a call blocker. You can choose to have any phone number not in your contact list go directly to voicemail.

Does Medicare Call Your Home?

Spammers found a niche in claiming to be Medicare, so if you get a call from a person saying they’re with Medicare, you can guarantee it’s spam. You may also find that you’ll start getting spammy emails in your inbox – if it sounds suspicious, it more than likely is! Please do not reply to any emails seeking personal information, and be sure to report it as spam immediately. You should never share your Medicare Identifier or Social Security number with a stranger.

If you get calls from someone claiming to be Medicare, get a name and phone number, and call Medicare to make a report.

Medicare Scam Calls

Scam calls tend to pick up in large numbers anytime something is happening with the Federal insurance program. Open enrollment periods, new law changes, etc. are all occasions that result in an influx of scams amongst beneficiaries. To better prepare yourself, be aware of the different phone scams that are prevalent amongst Medicare recipients. Unfortunately, scams are more than nuisance calls.

Scam calls can lead to massive hits for victims and can result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Technology, through phone apps and phone companies, can help identify potential fake calls. You must keep your eyes and ears open to potential risks.

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Does Medicare Call to Update Information?

Medicare will never call you to update your information or give you a new ID card. If anyone calls to collect your information, don’t provide it to them. A phone call like this is a scam.

What Can a Scammer do With Your Medicare Number?

A scammer could say there is a balance on your Medicare card and request your credit card number. Clearly, this is a scam. Or, in some cases, the scammer could say they want to refund money back to you and need your bank information. In either of these scenarios or similar situations, do not give out your personal information. Medicare will never call you asking for bank information or credit card numbers.

Medicare Robocalls

Robocalls are a scammer tactic that can give voice messages to people through pre-recordings. Many cell phone carriers provide services that may alert you if a call is likely a spam call. But, there are still tons of fraudulent calls that can make their way through the cracks. You can contact your home or cell phone provider to determine if they offer a form of blocking for these calls.

Sometimes, extra blocking features through your phone company can be costly. If this is your case, you might consider downloading an application to your cell phone that can help safeguard you from robocalls.

When a robocall strikes your phone, be sure to never speak to them. By responding, you’re telling the spammers that your phone number is active. Immediately file a complaint with the FTC. Not all robocalls are the same.

Often, doctors’ offices will use a robocall to remind you of a doctor’s appointment. Keep this in mind when listening to a robocall. Not all robocalls are harmful, but about 40% of them are spam, and that’s why making reports is essential.

Medicare Telemarketing Calls

When new to Medicare, it can seem impossible to stop the phone calls from telemarketers and spammers. Although, not all who call are bad. If you think the call is from Medicare, hang up and call them back at the national number. Then, if it was one of them, they can help you.

However, if Medicare isn’t attempting to reach you, then you avoid a spammer trying to steal your information.

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Telemarketing calls attempt to commit fraud and theft. Some widespread telemarketing calls say you win all-expense-paid trips or owe payment for fake debts.

Scam calls will many times use phony caller IDs to hide their real location and make it look like they’re calling from a local number.

Telemarketing calls may claim that you’re losing your benefits to get your Social or banking details.

What are the most significant hints that you’re dealing with a Medicare telemarketing call?

  • You receive sales calls from companies you have not permitted to reach out to you
  • A recorded message that urges you to press a key like 1 to get off a call list
  • The recorded message offers you gifts or free services
  • The recording claims you owe taxes or face unpaid bills and now have consequences if you don’t pay

Why is Medicare Calling Me?

Medicare will never call you! Medicare may need information from you or may need to reach you; but, they’ll NEVER call. You’ll get a letter that will notify you of the necessary information that Medicare needs. Long story short, if the calls you’re receiving claim to be from Medicare, it’s a spam call.

How to Report a Medicare Call

You can report a fraudulent call from someone claiming they worked for Medicare by going to the Federal Trade Commission.

You can help protect yourself from fraudulent activities by never offering credit card or personal information to anyone. The more hands-on your personal information, the more likely you are to receive scam calls.

Many times, when you sign up for new websites, apps, or services, you’re sharing personal information. Read the fine print when enrolling in services, some sites sell your phone number and email. Under no circumstances should you be giving out your personal or credit card information over the phone, especially when you’re unsure of the person on the other end of the line.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

Although it is daunting, looking at the privacy policies before you share your personal information can save you in the long run. Some websites sell your email address and phone number to third parties, so be careful!


What is the best time of day to call the Social Security office?
The Social Security Administration suggests calling on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday to avoid long hold times.
Does the Social Security office call you for suspicious activity?
Social Security will NEVER call you to say you could be arrested or face legal action due to fraudulent activity. They will never ask for money or threaten your benefits. If you suspect fraudulent activity, hang up and call the SSA.
Who can I call about Medicare questions?
If the questions are general Medicare questions you can always call us. But, if you need to get a specific answer about your Medicare claim or account, you can call Medicare. Yet, if you need to apply for Medicare, you’ll call Social Security.
How do I call Medicare?
You can call Medicare at 1-800- Medicare (1-800-633-4227).

Jagger Esch

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40 thoughts on “Does Medicare Call You at Home

  1. I’m getting 15 to 20 calls per day about the “new Medicare benefits”. The call was made by an overseas call center (Based on caller accent and voices in the background). A few times I just gave them false info to see what happens. They ended up transferring to a licensed agent who worked for

    Obviously, some insurance companies are pay these people to make the calls to get around the do not call lists. Also, might be the US government trying to get seniors to switch from Medicare A/B to part C advantage plans that are run by insurance companies. FTC needs to hit the companies that are doing this crap with BIG fines. Otherwise, this will never stop,

  2. Every day I receives several calls from heavily accented callers identifying themselves as Medicare advisors. They claim they are not selling anything, but that they want to help me get a better rate and/or better coverage. Most of the calls come from a 513 area code, which coincidentally is the area code of my cell phone. Are these legitimate calls?

    1. Hi Mark. They may or may not be. Carriers do sometimes higher overseas for their call centers. They are called Medicare advisors but do not work for Medicare. They work for an insurance carrier that sells supplemental policies.

      1. I get about 50 call a day fro people claiming they want to update my claim They are from Medicare office i would like this to stop

      2. Hi Manuel – that is concerning because Medicare will never call you at home if you don’t contact them first. The best course of action is to report the numbers to Medicare and mark each as a spam call.

  3. The do not call option does not work… I got on those lists early on and I’m still getting 8-12 of these “Medicare” calls a day rotating between my local and the same multiple out of state area codes – one right after the other. I’ve picked up a few and gotten “loud” about telling them to back off. It works for a few days (only 2-3 calls per day…) then starts right back up again. I won’t be 65 until well into next year…

  4. Although I know there is nothing I can do to stop the calls for Medicare, etc. It did feel better to register my complaint.
    I think a public service announcement EVERY DAY on MSM and other outlets to the public about how Medicare does not call you, do not give any information at all, do not engage in conversation with this fraudsters, etc. Maybe it would stem the flow of unwanted potential scam calls.

  5. just seconds after registering at my phone lit up with marketing texts and calls from United Healthcare. I stopped the texts but four calls in the last three hours from different United numbers. Scary to think our government is actually selling citizens’ personal information to private businesses.

    1. Bill, I would double-check that you are on vs Medicare .com. More than likely, you were not on the government website.

  6. I have read the comments from “robo-calls”. You are all correct….they are a ROYAL PIA! I worked for a telephone company for over 25 yrs. With the knowledge I have since they scammers/sales persons have access to multiple phone lines darn near impossible to stop the calls. There should be a solution, but not so far. There should be something the FCC can do, but apparently not. Plus so many of the calls are routed from offshore companies & accounts. I have tried only answering the phone if it’s someone I know, but they fill up the machine with hang up calls. Family and friends can’t get thru or the machine is full of their BS. If someone can share a plan, how to stop the annoying calls, please let us know. Thank you.

    1. My Mom got a call, she said the person had all her numbers are Dr’s names. Said they were trying to send her a new card.
      What do we do from here, besides alert Medicare?

      1. Hi JoAnne! That’s all you can do, alert Medicare & provide them with the phone number they called from.

  7. My mother gets 4-5 calls a day similar to what everyone is saying. I reported to FTC. They say they want to send her a new Medicare card. They asked her height, weight, Dr’s name and last time she saw her Dr. Then they wanted her to get her card so we hung up. The calls always appear as a local number and she is on the Do not call list. It is just so frustrating!!

    1. Hi Lori! Yes, this sounds like a scam call for sure. Unfortunately, since they do not go by the do not call list, it’s really difficult to stop them. A rule of thumb is if you don’t recognize the number, let it go to voicemail.

    2. That’s easy ask them for her home address and if they don’t know it hang up, it they do know it tell them to send the new cards. I’m 70 and I really don’t know how people fall for these and other calls like your computer is infected. If I get this bad I hope my family takes the phone away from me and the computer

  8. My husband is turning 65 next year and all we care is people calling us about Medicare Options. We are on the do not call list however, we still three to five phone calls a day. His name is listed in a database and unfortunately I will be in the same situation in five years. I appreciate any assistance on stopping this.

    1. Hi Lori! If you’re sure that both of you are on the national do not call list, then the only thing you can do is install an app on your smartphone that blocks calls that are either not in your contact list, or not calling from your local zipcode. Unfortunately, they could have local phone numbers they’re using to call you, which would still get through. Some of the call blocker apps do have a feature to report the caller for not following the law regarding robocalls.

      1. nothing stops the calls, so when they call i tell them i am 15 years old and they can’t hang up fast enough.

      2. Say this when answering a unknown number or even a number not in your contact list….”radio Ktyy, you are on the air” 100% hang up.

  9. I recently had a birthday and turned 65, for some reason I’ve been getting a load of calls regarding Medicare, but because of a medical situation I’ve been covered for several years. Yesterday a caller was nice enough to tell me that my number has been entered into four leads which could explain why I’m getting so many calls, but from her office she will put my number on their DOC list. I guess I’ll have to do what I’ve done to my landline, stop answering calls from numbers not in my contact list. This is terrible. : (

  10. I have been just calling them back and giving it right back. This is gotta stop. Hopefully my name will get out and be known and they will leave this “nut” alone. LOL

  11. I am blocking 5 to 6 numbers or more sometimes a week. There seems to be NO way to stop them! I have been on the DNC Registry since 2007. Everytime I block them, they just call from a new number. The numbers seem to be cell phones so that means they have an endless supply of numbers to use to continue to harass you.

  12. I keep getting medicare calls almost every day, even though I have been on Medicare for nearly 6 years. I also am on the”Do Not Call” list. Even more irritating is that they use spoofing technology to make it appear to be a local number, which makes it more likely that I am likely to answer. In my opinion, this is fraud.

    1. They use same spoof numbers on me. Using my phones area code but another phone number. I tried txting a STOP but it only worked on Numbers not the ‘Medicare Assist’ calls. So I’m down to immediately delete from my cell. I wish I knew what I clicked on to start this. I get 50+ a day.

  13. I get calls every day and as many as 2 or 3 per day claiming to be “on a recorded line” offering a medicare discount card. My app called RoboKiller blocks them and states that they have identified as a spam caller. It seems it’s always from (717)366-xxxx and the app automatically blocks the number but they just try a different set of xxxx numbers. Is this a legitimate company or just another scammer. They will never get my personal information of any kind, if I can help it.

    1. Hi Craig! Be very cautious with those types of calls, anyone calling offering a “Medicare discount card” sounds like a scam!

  14. I’m tired of these Telemarketing calls claiming to be medicare advisors! I’m on the do not call registry! I ask them to stop calling! All they do is hang up on me. I ask politely please take me off your list. Yet the calls still come in! It’s always a different phone number they use. I block each number. Yet, they call still! You don’t know it’s a Medicare scam caller until you pick up your phone. The do not call registry doesn t help really. I’ll get these call 3 or 4 times a day. It’s no joke! There are apps but you have to pay for the good ones! There has got to be an easier way to stop the Bull…. calls? I keep looking for ways to stop them. But not every call is from a telemarketer! If i do buy an app, it stops all calls from numbers it don’t recognise. My son has companies call for work! I don’t want them all to stop. Just the telemarketer calls that say their from SS or Medicare!

    1. Hi Jerry! Yes, we all have the same issue it seems! I personally use the default settings and block any numbers not in my contacts. However, I know this option won’t work for everyone. Hopefully, there will be stricter rules put in place soon to stop robocalls.

      1. They’re all spoofed numbers randomly generated. If you do get one that’s active, it’s just going to be some poor phone customer that has no idea that their numbers’ being used.

    2. I had 16 on a Friday recently. The one today, when I told him to take my number off the list got vulgar and used the f. word. This is ridiculous. I pay to use the phone for my benefit, not to be harrassed.

  15. I’m in my 30’s and started getting mail and phone calls about my ‘upcoming eligibility for Medicare’ over a year ago. I’m in my 30’s!!!!!! They won’t stop. I’m on a do not call list and I’ve asked several times to be removed from call lists and mailings. I’ve called the number on the mailings to have myself removed and ask how they received my information and nobody has an answer. It’s really becoming a nuisance.

  16. This month I have received several solicitations regarding medicare Part D in my mail box. I do not give out my personal information. This includes my home address, phone number, or any other means of identification. How do I stop these solicitation, and have my information permanently removed for third party records? How and where do these third party companies get personal contact information? How do I take back control of my privacy?

    1. Hi David! So sorry you’re getting bombarded with Part D pamphlets in your mailbox. Most likely, it’s a carrier that’s sending you those pamphlets. I would call that carrier and ask them to remove you from their mailing list.

  17. I have been on the “do not call list” since 2007 and since I turned 65, I am constantly receiving calls about Medicare advantage plans. I’ve blocked phone numbers but they call from different numbers and from different countries even. How do I get them to stop???

    1. Hi Robin! I COMPLETELY understand your frustration with this. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a solution for it yet. I know the government is trying to crack down on robo calls. Maybe a temporary fix is to block any numbers that are not on your contact list. However, I understand that’s not a good solution for everyone…

    2. I have the EXACT same problem with my mom who has Alzheimer’s. She will give them all info and they convince her to change her plan. She doesn’t even know what plan she has because I handle all of her finances and accounts and have for years. This has happened six times over the last couple years and then I have to spend weeks trying to get her back to the original plan she has (which isn’t available anymore, so I’ve been lucky so far). There HAS to be a solution. She gets about 5 or 10 a day.


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