What are the 2018 Top Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Another year has come and gone… and this year you, or your loved one, has or is going to become newly eligible for Medicare. Maybe you’re not new to Medicare and you’re already enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B, but wasn’t aware of Medicare Supplement plans.

Then again, you could’ve been aware of these supplemental insurance policies (also known as Medigap) but didn’t feel you needed the extra coverage.

Majority of the time, Medicare beneficiaries are unaware of the out of pocket costs their left to pay after Medicare paid their portion. Many seniors are getting stuck with large medical bills they weren’t prepared for after an unexpected doctor or hospital visit.

You can protect your finances and get the health care coverage you need by being proactive and educating yourself on all your Medicare health insurance options. Let’s review the basics first, then we’ll go over the 2018 top Medicare Supplement insurance plans.2018 Top Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

2018 Top Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

First, you should know that all Medicare Supplement plans, or Medigap plans, are standardized by the government. What does this mean?

In simple terms, it means it does not matter what carrier or provider you choose to buy the plan from, the benefits will be the same regardless.

The only states that have their own regulations on their Medigap plans is Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Second, you should know there’s 10 Medigap insurance plan options, starting with letter A and ending with letter N.

Plan A has the core policy benefits that are included in all letter plans, as you go down the list of letter plans you’ll see additional benefits that are unique to those plans.

Below are the core policy benefits found in all letter plans.

Core Policy Benefits:

  • If you become hospitalized, Medicare restricts the amount of days they’ll cover you during your stay. All letter plans will include hospital stay coverage up to an additional 365 days after you’ve used up your Original Medicare benefits.
  • There’s out of pocket costs for coinsurance and copayments required under your Medicare Part B. All letter plans will cover these costs.
  • In the event you need a medical procedure that requires blood, your Medicare Part A leaves you responsible for the first 3 pints. All letter plans will pay for the first 3 pints of blood, after that your Part A will kick in to pay for the rest.
  • In the event you need hospice care, Medicare Part A restricts the amount of coverage you have for inpatient respite care and outpatient drugs. All letter plans will cover these out of pocket costs Medicare leave up to you to pay.
  • In the event you need additional testing that’s not fully covered under your Medicare Part B preventive services, you’ll be left responsible for the 20% coinsurance. All letter plans will pay for this coinsurance.

These core policy benefits only include half of the benefits that are included with the other letter plans, B-N.

Since each plan has a different level of benefits, the cost varies between them. This allows all Medicare beneficiaries the opportunity to purchase Medicare Supplemental plans without breaking the bank.

Whether you can afford a little or a lot of coverage, there’s a letter plan for you.

Now, let’s review the 2018 top Medicare Supplement insurance plans.

2018 Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N for 2018 is the first on our list. This plan made our top list because it has a decently low premium, and still includes a good amount of benefits.

It of course includes the core policy benefits listed above, including covering 100% of any coinsurance or copayment out of pocket costs that fall under your Medicare Part B.

Lower Premiums with Small Co-payments

The way they keep the premium low for Plan N is by requiring a small copayment for some office visits and emergency room visits.

The copayment for office visits is usually around $20, and the copayment for emergency room visits is usually around $50.

However, if your emergency room visit results in an inpatient admission, there won’t be any copayments required.

More Benefits

Medigap Plan N also has a few additional benefits. If you need skilled nursing care, your Medicare Part A only covers 100% of services up to the first 20 days.

Beginning day 21 thru day 100, you’re responsible for coinsurance that can cost over $160 per day.

After day 100… you’re responsible for all costs incurred during your stay. With Plan N, any coinsurance will be 100% covered starting day 21.

Medicare Part A has a deductible that cost beneficiaries over $1,300 each year, Plan N will cover it.

In addition, if you travel outside the United States, this letter plan will cover any foreign travel emergency care needed up to your plan limits.

2018 Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2018 is second on our list. Plan G includes the same benefits as Plan N, except it doesn’t require any copayments for office visits or emergency room visits.

Like Plan N, it also covers any Skilled Nursing Care Facility coinsurance, your Medicare Part A deductible and foreign travel emergency care.

Coverage for Excess Charges

This letter plan made our top list because, in addition to the above benefits, it’s one of two letter plans that cover any Medicare Part B excess charges.

Medicare Part B excess charges are when a doctor who accepts Medicare patients charges above what Medicare has approved for that service or treatment.

Your doctor legally can only charge up to 15% more then the amount Medicare has approved. Without a supplement plan that covers excess charges, your responsible for those additional charges as well as any applicable copayments and deductibles.

Plan G includes all the optional benefits available within the 10 letter plans, except for one. That’s where our final top letter plan steps in.

2018 Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2018 is third on our list. Plan F checks off all the boxes on the Medicare Supplement plan chart.

It includes all the benefits found in Plan G. As stated above, Plan G is one of two plans that cover Medicare Part B excess charges, Plan F is the other one.

The additional benefit that Plan F includes, which is a big one, is coverage for your Medicare Part B deducible.

Extra Financial Security

Yes, with better benefits comes higher premiums, but if the premiums fall within your budget it’s well worth it given the extra financial security you’ll have.

If Plan F is out of your price range, there’s a High Deductible version option that has a much lower premium that could very well fit into your budget.

2018 Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F

With Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F for 2018, you’re responsible for all of the out of pocket costs up to your annual deductible amount.

Because of this high deductible, your monthly premium is much lower and more affordable.

Once you meet your plans deductible amount, your benefits will kick in. The benefits are the exact same as the regular Plan F. The deductible for this plan for 2018 is $2,240.

Compare Rates Online for the Top 2018 Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Now that you’ve educated yourself on the top Medicare Supplement plans for 2018, the next step is to compare rates.

Again, the benefits are the same regardless of what carrier you go through for each letter plan.

What changes between carriers is the cost of each plan. That’s why it’s important to shop rates with all the top carriers. We know that shopping rates can be overwhelming, that’s were we can help.

If your preference is to directly speak to an agent, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

With the number above, you’ll be directed to an agent licensed in your state that’s standing by to help you.

If you rather compare rates online, you have that option too! Click here to compare rates for the top Medicare Supplement plans for 2018 online.

By providing us with some of your information, we can pull rates with all the top carriers in your area that are quoted specifically for you.

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  1. Irene S White

    How much is part B deductable?

  2. Beverly – Its not so much the “Plan(s)” that offer Silver Sneakers. Its the carrier(s) that would offer this to you. Its all dependent on where you live. Some Medigap carriers offer them in certain states where in other states they may not. Please give us a call and we would be happy to let you know the carrier(s) that may offer it in your state. 800-845-2484

  3. Beverly

    Does Plan F have Silver Sneakers?

  4. Hi Lillian – Yes, there are a number of carriers that offer either Silver N Fit or Silver Sneakers. Give us a call and we can let you know what carriers do and the rates that go along with it. Our services are 100% free to you. Our number is 800-845-2484.

  5. Lillian Dick

    Do any of these plans provide Silver Sneakers or Silver N Fit?

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