What are the 2018 Medicare Open Enrollment Dates?

Every year a Medicare Open Enrollment Period, sometimes referred to as the Annual Enrollment Period, is made available for people who qualify for Medicare benefits.
During the OEP, anyone who is eligible for Medicare Parts A and B can enroll in or make changes to their Medicare coverage.
This includes being able to change from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage, change back to Original Medicare from Medicare Advantage, switch from your current Medicare Advantage plan to a different Medicare Advantage plan, make changes to your Medicare Part D coverage, or apply for Medicare Part D even if you didn’t when you originally applied, although some fees may be incurred.

2018 Medicare Open Enrollment Dates

The 2018 Medicare Open Enrollment Period is October 15th, 2017 – December 7th, 2017 for a January 1st, 2018 effective date.

What Can I do During the 2018 Medicare Open Enrollment Period?

During the 2018 Medicare Open Enrollment Period you can:2018_Medicare_Open_Enrollment_Dates

  • Change from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage, or vice versa
  • Choose a different Medicare Advantage plan
  • Make changes to your current Medicare Part D coverage
  • Apply for Medicare Part D, although fees may be required

What Can’t I Do During the Medicare OEP?

  • Enroll in Medicare Part B without a qualifying medical event
  • Apply for Medicare Advantage Plans that are not in your geographic region
  • Make changes between your Medicare plans without answering medical questions

What is the 2018 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?

Annual Enrollment Period is another name for Open Enrollment Period. Each year, you have the opportunity to make changes to your Medicare Advantage Plan or your Prescription Drug Plan during the 2018 Annual Enrollment Period.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the 2018 Open Enrollment Period Deadline?
  • The 2018 Open Enrollment Period deadline for coverage starting in January 2018 ends on December 7, 2017.

What if I Missed the Medicare Open Enrollment Period?

  • If you missed the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, you may be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period. 

What is the difference between Medicare Open Enrollment and Annual Enrollment?

  • These two phrases are often used interchangeably. The Medicare Open Enrollment period occurs annually, so some sources will refer to it as the Annual Enrollment Period.

Talk to an Agent About the Upcoming 2018 Medicare Open Enrollment Period Today

It’s important to be aware of all the options available to you during the Medicare Open Enrollment/Annual Enrollment period. Click here for a complete list of all Medicare enrollment periods. There are a great number of different plans available, but only certain ones will give you the coverage you need. And the quality of the different plans vary greatly. We are experts here to make sure you receive the quality coverage you’re entitled. We’re standing by to support you and provide direction. Call the number above to compare rates, or fill out our compare rates form online now.

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