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Medicare Enrollment FAQs

Medicare offers several enrollment periods to those eligible for coverage. However, it is essential to understand which enrollment periods you qualify for based on your age, enrollment status, and other factors. It is important to know when Medicare enrollment periods take place and which enrollment periods apply to you to avoid late enrollment penalties and lapses in health insurance coverage.

The articles in this section explain each Medicare enrollment period in detail. Enrollment period information includes when each occurs, who is eligible, and to which part(s) of Medicare it applies.

We are here to help you understand how the enrollment process works. You can benefit from this when enrolling in Medicare for the first time or when switching plans. Additionally, we include guides explaining such aspects as Guaranteed Issue Rights.

Many beneficiaries go through the process of Medicare enrollment without understanding critical elements. Including the difference between underwritten, Open Enrollment, and when you should receive your ANoC. We are here to inform you of the best times to enroll. Also, we prepare you for whether you will need to answer health questions during the process.


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