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Does Medicare Cover COPD

Medicare will cover some medically necessary treatments for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD. Medicare doesn’t cover at 100%; getting additional...
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Medicare Coverage for ESRD

Medicare coverage for ESRD treatment that is medically necessary is available. The coverage you have will determine the costs you...
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Does Medicare Cover Cologuard

Medicare will cover Cologuard for Medicare beneficiaries. Most people with Medicare won’t be responsible for a co-insurance if they get...
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Does Medicare Cover Life Alert

Medicare doesn’t cover Life Alert Systems; however, some discounts or other options may be available. The Centers for Disease Control...
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Does Medicare Cover an Echocardiogram

Medicare covers an echocardiogram, but the level of coverage depends on several factors. Let’s start with location; your service price...
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Medicare Coverage for Substance Abuse

Medicare can provide coverage for substance abuse treatment. Sadly, many people suffer without treatment every year because they’re unaware of...
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Medicare Ambulance Coverage

Having Medicare coverage for an ambulance in case of an emergency is important. Using an ambulance can potentially save your...
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Does Medicare Cover a Biopsy

Even if Medicare will cover a biopsy; the words, “we need to schedule a biopsy to get a better look”,...
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Does Medicare Cover a Laparoscopy

In many cases, Medicare covers diagnostic laparoscopy or laparoscopic surgery. The amount you pay out of pocket will depend on...
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Medicare and Funeral Expenses

Thinking about Medicare and funeral expenses is a task we all wish we could avoid. However, the cost of a...
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Does Medicare Cover Methadone

Medicare could cover Methadone for patients that require the drug in an inpatient setting. One in three adults on Medicare...
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Does Medicare Cover Speech Therapy

Medicare can cover Speech Therapy when you meet specific requirements. Speech therapy can improve social communication skills, thinking, and understanding,...
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Medicare Dental Coverage

Medicare doesn’t cover dental care. However, there are options for dental either on your policy or as a stand-alone coverage...
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