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Does Medicare Cover Anemia

Medicare covers anemia, but the costs depend on treatment, and if you have supplemental coverage. Below we’re going to discuss...
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Does Medicare Cover Prosthetics

Medicare covers a variety of prosthetics if they’re necessary to replace a body part or function.  Examples of prosthetics range from...
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Does Medicare Cover Cologuard

Medicare will cover Cologuard. Most people with Medicare won’t be responsible for co-insurance if they get a Cologuard kit. Reaching...
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Does Medicare Cover an Echocardiogram

Medicare covers echocardiograms if they’re medically necessary. Your doctor may order an electrocardiogram, or EKG, to measure your heart’s health. Medicare...
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Does Medicare Cover Funeral Expenses

Unfortunately, that answer is no. Medicare covers medical expenses, but death isn’t a qualifying event. You may spend years planning...
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Does Medicare Cover Speech Therapy

Medicare will cover speech therapy services when you meet specific requirements. Speech therapy can improve social communication skills, thinking, and...
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