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Does Medicare Pay for Assisted Living

Medicare won’t cover costs associated with independent, retirement, or assisted living. Now, there are some plans that may provide some...
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Does Medicare Cover Robotic Surgery

Medicare covers medically necessary services, robotic surgery is no exception. Since the FDA approves robotics, coverage may be available for...
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Does Medicare Cover Alcohol Rehab

Medicare covers an annual screening for alcohol misuse. If the screening shows you may be misusing alcohol, Medicare will also...
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Does Medicare Cover Hospice

Medicare covers hospice when it’s medically essential and the patient meets certain conditions. Once hospice benefits begin, everything you need...
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Does Medicare Cover Ostomy Supplies

Millions rely on Medicare to cover ostomy supplies. Without coverage, ostomy supplies may run anywhere from $300-$600 each month.  Medicare...
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Medicare Coverage for Epilepsy

Medicare coverage includes benefits for those with epilepsy. But, some things cost a copayment or coinsurance depending on the service....
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Does Medicare Cover Catheters

Medicare covers catheters and related medical supplies that a doctor says is medically necessary. Coverage depends on the type of...
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Does Medicare Cover Anesthesia?

Medicare covers anesthesia for surgery as well as diagnostic and screening tests. Coverage includes anesthetic supplies and the anesthesiologist’s fee....
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