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Does Medicare Cover Robotic Surgery

Medicare covers medically necessary services, robotic surgery is no exception. Since the FDA approves robotics, coverage may be available for...
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Medicare Coverage for Alcohol Misuse

Medicare coverage for alcohol misuse screening and counseling is available. If your doctor suspects the misuse of alcohol, you’re eligible...
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Does Medicare Cover Hospice

Medicare covers hospice when it’s medically essential and the patient meets certain conditions. Once hospice benefits begin, everything you need...
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Does Medicare Cover Ostomy Supplies

Millions rely on Medicare to cover ostomy supplies and thankfully Medicare coverage of ostomy supplies is available to beneficiaries. Seniors...
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Medicare Coverage for Epilepsy

Medicare Coverage for Epilepsy is a concern for many Americans. Over 570,000 adults over the age of 65 are living...
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Medicare Coverage for Physical Therapy

Medicare coverage for physical therapy is available for medically necessary reasons. The American Physical Therapy Association classifies physical therapists as...
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Does Medicare Cover Urinary Catheters

Medicare covers urinary catheters and other medical supplies that a doctor says is medically necessary. Health care professionals may suggest...
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Does Medicare Cover Anesthesia

Medicare covers most procedures that require anesthetics, providing they’re medically necessary. Americans age 65 and older or those with disabilities...
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Does Medicare Cover Meals on Wheels

The ever-so-popular question “does Medicare cover Meals on Wheels?” is always popping up, because many seniors across the country have...
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Does Medicare Cover Anemia

Medicare covers anemia; costs are dependent on cause, severity, and treatment the doctor prescribes. For example, if you receive injections...
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