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When is Medicare Primary

Many beneficiaries wonder if Medicare is primary insurance. But, the answer depends on several factors. While there are times when...
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Is Medicare Free

Many people believe Medicare is free and for good reasons. Every month people ask “Is Medicare Free?”, “Do I need...
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How to File a Medicare Claim

If you have Medicare, you should know how to file Medicare claims. Most of the time, you won’t need to...
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Medicare Glossary of Terms

Confused by all the Medicare terminology? It’s important to understand the often-used Medicare terms so you can comprehend your coverage...
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Common Medicare Complaints

As you can imagine there are common Medicare complaints that many seniors express. Well, today we’ll go over the issues...
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Medicare Easy Pay

Now that you’re signed up for Medicare, you’re probably wondering how to pay your premiums. Most people do not have...
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History of Medicare

The history of Medicare starts with a law. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law on July 30th, 1965....
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Medicare and Employer Coverage

Many baby boomers are choosing to work past the age of 65. Working past 65 raises many questions for newly...
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2020 Medicare Part B Premiums

The standard Part B premium amount for 2020 will increase to $144.60. If you receive benefits from Social Security, Railroad...
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Medicare Preventive Services

Medicare preventive services usually come at no cost. But, in some cases, you’ll pay a portion. Talk to your doctor...
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New to Medicare? Start Here!

New to Medicare (Medicare 101) Look no further! We’re your one-stop-shop Medicare Information resource center! If you’re new to Medicare, you...
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Medicare vs Medicaid

If you don’t know the difference between Medicare vs Medicaid health plans, you’re not alone. The two names are so...
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When to Sign Up for Medicare

It’s not uncommon for new beneficiaries to be unsure of when to sign up for Medicare. Below, we’ll answer the...
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