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Medicare Supplements vs HMO vs PPO

The differences between Medicare Supplements vs HMO vs PPO are easy to understand. However, more complex is the difference between PPO...
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Active & Fit

After enrolling, our clients get an Active & Fit link via e-mail. So, by using our company to join, clients...
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Social Security Spousal Benefits

Social Security spousal death benefits are available to eligible beneficiaries. If you apply for Social Security spousal benefits, you’ll want...
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Is Medicare Mandatory

Medicare coverage is not mandatory; however, there are options to delay coverage if you’re not ready at 65 years old....
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Binding a Medicare Insurance Policy

Binding a Medicare Insurance Policy is a multistep process and generally refers to Medicare Supplement Plans, also known as Medigap...
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Medicare Help for Seniors

Medicare help for seniors is available in the form of an insurance broker, agent, or benefits counselor. Shopping around for...
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Medicare Summary Notice

Don’t wait 3 months for your Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) to come in the mail. Get electronic MSNs (eMSNs) every...
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All in One Medicare Plans

Having an all in one Medicare plan can simplify coverage. When you work with an insurance broker, you can meet...
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When Does Medicare Start

For most people, Medicare coverage starts when you’re at least 65 years old. If you’re on Social Security, your Medicare...
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Medicare Paperless Billing

Medicare has been improving its paperless billing options, and you can now choose to receive Medicare Summary Notices and the...
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Medicare Waiting Periods

Medicare waiting periods may not apply to ALS or ESRD patients. Although, most beneficiaries with disabilities have a waiting period...
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