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Changes Coming to Medicare in 2021

Medicare changes in 2021 include things like new benefits, cost changes, and more. Since Medicare changes annually, it can be...
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Medicare and the 8-Minute Rule

As a Medicare beneficiary, it’s helpful to be acquainted with terms such as Medicare’s “8-minute rule” to understand how Medicare...
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Medicare and the Marketplace

Are you currently enrolled in a plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace and soon-to-be Medicare eligible? You probably have questions...
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Medicare Benefits Hotline

With so much information about Medicare out there, you’re likely searching for a reliable resource. A Medicare benefits hotline will...
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Does Medicare Have Cost-Sharing?

Medicare has cost-sharing that you’ll need to know about. In fact, there are a few out-of-pocket costs for which you’ll...
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Is Medicare Mandatory

Medicare isn’t mandatory. There are options to delay coverage if you’re not ready when you first become eligible. But, if...
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All in One Medicare Plans

An all in one Medicare plan can mean several different things. There are Medicare Advantage plans, or you can combine...
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Medicare Premiums Paperless Billing

Medicare has been improving its paperless billing options, and you can now choose to receive your Medicare Summary Notices and...
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What Does Medically Necessary Mean

Medically necessary refers to health services or supplies that you need for treatment. You may feel that your condition warrants...
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