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Top Free Computer Classes for Seniors

The search for the top free computer classes for seniors is quite popular. In comparison to two decades ago, nearly double the percentage of seniors are using the Internet today!

More than half of the senior population are internet-friendly users. This population is only growing larger. Grandparents want to stay in contact with their children, grandchildren, and relatives – learning to adapt to the digital age is becoming more popular.

Younger generations are growing up in the digital age. For seniors, computers and technology are a matter of adapting. While seniors may take a little longer to adjust, using free learning tools can help speed up the process.

Computer classes range for users of all types. Starting at a basic level for beginners, moving to intermediate and advanced levels. Training classes, software programs, and apps offer free services for anyone trying to navigate through the world of technology.

The Top Free Computer Classes for Seniors

We’ve put together a list of some easy-to-use online programs for seniors wanting to learn more. Additionally, classes make it easy enough that anyone can learn.

Age is no limitation; check some of these programs out and discover the right one for you.


The website Skillfulsenior is an excellent tool for anyone new to computers. This computer skills program uses easy-to-understand tutorials. The most basic courses teach how to use a mouse and keyboard. Also, typing games make learning fun, provide practice skills, and improve your typing speed.

It’s a perfect place for elders to learn new essential skills. Emailing your children and grandchildren is a great way to stay in contact. Additionally, you can learn how to get your medical info right on your computer.


Tech-savvy seniors are even on social media platforms. From Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more, these social media outlets have taken over. Wanting to learn new things and to make technology work for them, seniors seek out how-to options to understand these platforms.

TechBoomers offers tutorials for each platform. Venturing into the world of social media can be intimidating. Also, depending on what outlet you start with, this site provides multiple tutorials for all social media inquiries.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, despite being different and a bit difficult to learn at first. Luckily, TechBoomers offers an easy crash Instagram course, taking you through how to use the app, step-by-step.

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

The creator of the website, Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, suggests that learning starts with Microsoft Word. Offering 70+ hours of free computer training. Each Word training video and tutorials are short, making it easier to learn specifics.

Starting from 2 to 5 minutes each, they are like mini-training sessions. Every new lesson is a step up from the last. Here you can find a vast range of computer knowledge. You are starting with the basics like how to work a mouse and keyboard. Before you know it, you’re connecting your Bluetooth speaker to your iPad.

Goodwill Community Foundation Learn Free

Learning how to live and work in the 21st century can be difficult for many around the world. New advances in technology often require an essential skill set to operate. offers thousands of learning opportunities.

The site includes tutorials for Microsoft Office and others teaching how to operate an email account. Additionally, some courses start from the computer basics.

They believe income shouldn’t hinder a persons’ ability to learn. This company offers free services to help individuals continue education or get started learning.

Top Free Computer Classes for Seniors: Intermediate and Advanced

After mastering the basics of computing, moving on to intermediate or advanced classes interests many seniors. Subjects like advanced computer applications, program design, data analysis, and even cybersecurity are topics these courses cover.


The company Skilledup, has a collection of free online computer-science courses to choose from to further your computer education. Courses range from self-paced to requiring week-long or month-long studies.

Longer courses are comparable to online college courses, minus the debt; all classes are free. Subjects include cryptography, compilers, program design, hardware security, fundamentals of programming, web development, intelligence, and big data.

Once you familiarize yourself with using a computer, searching for instructional videos should come easily. Also, you can find DIY and instructional videos on YouTube. Instructors will give short, to-the-point reviews on things like how to set up a social media profile or make a video call.

More and more seniors are using computers to keep up with the digital age. After using free training classes, many began to use their computers to listen to music, find dates, watch movies or TV, and even do online banking and bill paying.


Meganga is another excellent online website that gives users a basic overview of computers and Microsoft Office. This video-based learning tool covers various topics for seniors and people new to computers. Other video tutorials include basic internet skills, troubleshooting, setting up email accounts, and more.

Popular courses cover photo-editing, web design, and basic computer functions. One of the benefits of using Megana’s website is that it’s easy to navigate and doesn’t require an account. If you’re seeking free basic computer training, check out Meganga!


Alison is another e-learning platform where seniors can increase their computer literacy. This website offers over 3,000 courses for free. Yet, you’ll need to purchase a certificate after successful completion of a course if you wish to have one.

Over the past few years, more Baby Boomers are going back to college. If you’re interested in earning a degree or feel more comfortable with in-person classes, options are available.

At first, learning something new may seem difficult or even impossible. Taking it step-by-step and learning how to become tech-savvy is easy. All you need are the free resources available to you. Before you know it, you’ll become an expert in no time.

Jagger Esch

Jagger Esch is the Medicare expert for MedicareFAQ and the founder, president, and CEO of Elite Insurance Partners and Since the inception of his first company in 2012, he has been dedicated to helping those eligible for Medicare by providing them with resources to educate themselves on all their Medicare options. He is featured in many publications as well as writes regularly for other expert columns regarding Medicare.

12 thoughts on “Top Free Computer Classes for Seniors

  1. I can barely operate my phone it is not an iPhone. I struggle at work. The younger ones can’t help. The supervisor is good with computers. My only child lives 4 hours away and works a lot. I’m lost. If I don’t learn something new I won’t be working much longer because of this.

    1. Jessie, I completely understand why you are feeling this way. Technology is constantly evolving, and it can be so hard to keep up. However, there are plenty of options for someone like yourself to jump in and learn all there is to know. I recommend looking up the programs listed above and finding the best fit for you.

  2. Hello Lindsay, I’m trying to teach myself and I’ve been hacked and caused myself more harm then good. Since my teacher passed away [my son], Its been a total nightmare,So here I am trying to send this comment for help for the 4th time. Frustrated but need to learn ,this is the way of the worlds living now a days.Where do I begin and can this old girl even learn.?

    1. Hi Nancy! Yes, you can learn! If you cannot get in-person help, I would try searching YouTube for beginners courses. Or, you could reach out to your local library. A lot of times they offer classes for computers as well.

  3. I need more computers classes in excel or Microsoft office. I have the beginners basic knowledge just recently got termed from my job of 11 years for not having the necessary computer skills.

  4. HI Lindsay, I am a semi-retired generation 1 computer nerd for way back in the days of the dinosaur (60-70’s, Cobol, Assembler, RPG) looking to learn the newer technoloies like Linux System Administration and the Python programming languages. Due to health reasons I was forced to move in with my daughters family now consisting of 3 adults and 7 children ranging in ages from pre-term to 12 years of age, making online instruction impossible. I know some colleges offer seniors to audit some classes but one of the restrictions is computer courses are not offered. I reside in the great state of Colorado and I was wondering if you would have any advice or Recommendations?

    1. Hi Jay! If you’re unable to find a quiet place to do the online courses, I would check out your state library. A lot of times they offer free computer courses each month! However, that’s mostly for beginners. If you’re trying to learn Linux & Python, your best bet is to bring your computer to your local library so you can focus on your online course. Or maybe your local coffee shop. The colleges might even allow non-students to use their library.

  5. i am a senior who is wanting to get back out into the work force, but need computer skills updated.

  6. We have been taught basic from our children but would like to learn a little more advance. Like selling, setting up web pages. Doing Apps, taking bar codes etc, so many thigs to learn


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