Hurricane Irma in South Florida Causes a Variety of Health Issues

Hurricane Irma was one of the worst storms in history, causing unfathomable damage to people all over Florida and the surrounding states.

The damage was more than structural. Seniors in the state of Florida are facing numerous health issues resulting from the recent hurricane.

In addition to rebuilding their homes that were destroyed in the storm, many elderly people need assistance with medication, food, and taking care of themselves overall.

Hurricane Irma in South Florida Caused a Variety of Issues

Food Was Hard To Come By After Hurricane Irma

Food has been scarce since the hurricane. The supermarket shelves are not fully stocked nearly two weeks after the devastating storm, leaving senior citizens, especially those with dietary restrictions in a difficult position. Beginning a few days before Irma hit the state, water was difficult to find.

Wandering up and down the supermarket aisles, one will notice that there is a shortage of necessary items: milk, bread, eggs, meats and produce.

Senior citizens are finding it hard to eat healthy after the hurricane, as they are depending upon canned, frozen and processed foods until there is an adequate stock of items in supply.

No Access To Medical Facilities

Doctors offices were affected, as many of them were forced to transport their vaccines to major hospitals. Many senior citizens who depend on regular doctors visits and life-saving medications are at a loss of what to do, especially when transportation is an issue.

There are elderly people who struggle with ways to get to their doctor’s offices, and these are the people who are finding it almost impossible to get to area hospitals as needed. As a result, their health is at stake.

Gas Stations Closed

For a few days before the storm and in the days following, gas stations were out of fuel. This provided a major problem since millions of elderly people in assisted living facilities were forced to evacuate. First responders were having difficulty transporting elderly people to safety.

Residents Without Power

Millions of Florida residents were without power after the devastating storm, leaving them unable to prepare meals for themselves. Air conditioning wasn’t working, which can have severe effects on the elderly in hot Florida weather, especially since the water supply was limited.


One of the most serious issues was the fact that senior citizens were forced to leave their homes and neighborhoods.

Neighbors came together in the time of need, assisting wherever possible.

However, it was difficult to make sure that every person had what they needed, especially when life necessities were hard to come by.

Stores were closed, roads were treacherous, and homes were destroyed.

For some, trying to reach outside help was impossible, since many senior citizens don’t have cellular phones or internet services to connect with others.

During the time when Irma was unleashing her fury on Florida, shelters were quickly filling up.

This left many seniors in a difficult situation, as they had nowhere else to go.

They were not able to get assistance in taking care of themselves, as caretakers had no way of getting to them. Many senior citizens are dependent upon others to administer medications, provide meals, and help with personal care.


While FEMA was recommending for all Florida residents to make sure they had adequate supplies needed for survival before the hurricane struck, it was difficult for senior citizens to care for themselves.

With friends, family, and caretakers being stranded and unable to reach those in need, many senior citizens were not able to obtain the necessary items needed during the storm, such as canned food, batteries, flashlights, and bottled water. This posed a problem for those unable to care for themselves without help.

Many senior citizens in the state of Florida live alone, without family or friends nearby. During a necessary evacuation, there were a number of people who had no way of getting themselves to safety and no way of calling for help in their time of need.

Many were stuck in their homes, with no electricity and no food or water, with existing health problems that were being left unattended to.

Hurricane Irma caused many problems that many people did not predict. With power being out for many days, some elderly people had no way of recharging electric wheelchairs, those living in apartments had no elevator access, and many had limited or no access to medical devices, such as oxygen machines.

Although the community and state as a whole came together the best they could to help people in need, there were still a number of elderly people who had their health deteriorate as a result of the weather conditions.

Those who evacuated had no way to get back home and were stuck living in less than adequate conditions. There were a number of deaths due to the extreme heat, and the fact that many residents were left without power.

Hurricane Irma South Florida


In a state where many of the residents are senior citizens, a devastating hurricane leaves damage that is unimaginable.

Even with everyone coming together to help wherever possible, many people still suffered, with traumatic circumstances surrounding them.

It will take some time for the State of Florida to rebuild, and provide assistance to all of its residents. As people regain power and access to life-saving necessities, help will be provided to those in need, and elderly residents will again have access to the medical supplies that they are in need of.

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