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Free Education for Seniors: 7 Colleges for Baby Boomers

It is never too late to pursue your educational dreams. Learning never stops, and education is a lifelong process. Regardless of your age, your mind can still perceive and learn new things.

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If you missed the chance to get through college or are seeking to advance your studies in your golden years, we would commend you. There are many opportunities available for you. These opportunities are significantly under-utilized. Most people are unaware of them or are probably restricted by their finances or the limited space at the institutions. Learn more about these seven colleges that offer free education for seniors.

Free Education for Seniors

University of Alaska

This reputable institution has been regarded as a hub for education in Alaska.

Besides offering quality education, it also provides free education for senior citizens who want to pursue higher education in various fields.

The university offers this opportunity to those senior citizens who have attained the prime age of receiving full social security benefits.

If you wish to enroll yourself in this institution, the university advises that you wait until classes commence in a particular academic period. You could enroll on the first day that classes have started to check if there are some available slots.

As much as you will be receiving free education, there are some costs which you will have to bear. These include lab fees, health facilities, student activities, etc.

Central Connecticut State University

At this university, older Americans that are the age of 62 or above have the benefit of studying for free. The institution provides for the waiver of both the tuition and the university fees for any program that may culminate in the attainment of a degree.

If you are a senior citizen that meets the age threshold mentioned, you should take advantage of this opportunity in Connecticut. Apply as either part-time or full-time student depending on your circumstances and preferences.

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The university also provides non-credit courses. Non-credit courses also qualify for tuition waivers.

The Florida Atlantic University

As far as adult education is concerned, Florida Atlantic University has set trends.

It boasts of having a fully-fledged auditorium that serves the ever-growing number of newly registered students.

If you are 60 and above, they allow you to waive your application, tuition, and student fees.

You can secure your admission if you apply early enough as admission is dependent on the space available.

Studying in this institution can be quite convenient and comfortable for senior citizens since it has a large population of seniors. Many are studying to become entrepreneurs.

They can share interests, and they can mingle freely as opposed to where the student population is largely the youth.

University of Kansas

If you are a resident of Kansas and have attained the age of 60 and above, you can pursue your education at this great university. They allow you to audit courses and register for them for your intellectual development.

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Be sure to approach the administration first, to clarify on registration matters. The university has different criteria for registration.

Michigan Tech

If you reside in Michigan, there are a lot of opportunities if you are a senior. The number of institutions offering free higher education for citizens is quite high. One of such is Michigan tech.

For those who are 60 and above, the school accepts applications for programs and can waiver the program fees for two courses in a semester. To qualify for this provision, the prospective student should apply through the admission office.

The benefit of applying at this university is that you can use the credits attained to put toward a specific program (degree).

Mississippi State University

Mississippi senior residents can enjoy free education at its renowned Mississippi State University. The institution is one of the few in the state that provides waivers for senior residents.

Provided that you are 60 years or older and there is some space available in class, you can have two courses in each semester waived.

The University of Rhode Island/Rhode Island College/Community College of Rhode Island

Rhode Island boasts of these three institutions that seniors can pursue their desired programs. The requirements to apply to these institutions as a senior are almost similar to most colleges. One needs to be 60 years or older.

However, these three institutions require that an application for waiver of tuition be followed by a Senior Citizen Means Test. This test is administered to verify if the senior applying is of limited income. Also, if a senior wants to pursue a degree, they are required to submit a FAFSA.

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How to Get Admission

The above are seven colleges in the US that you can approach if you intend to study for free. Most of them are state-owned. Even so, some private colleges offer free education for seniors.

The College of Wooster, in Ohio, is one such. They allow people of all ages to take one free course in a semester.

To ensure that your admission to the above institutions is processed swiftly, ensure you have the following requirements:

  • Be at least 60 years or older
  • Be a US citizen
  • Proof of retirement
  • You must have some income restriction
  • Duly completed a high school diploma

You can also settle for auditing a course that is in your field of interest. By auditing, you get to enjoy learning with the associated social benefits. The only difference is that you will not do exams, term papers, Continuous Assessment tests, and also homework.

This is somehow relieving. However, after completing your course, you don’t receive college credit or a degree. You can contact your preferred institution and make arrangements as most institutions don’t openly advertise that they allow this. You will gain much with such an arrangement at no cost.


Learning is not a reserve of the young, seniors can benefit from learning regardless of their age. If you are a senior, keep the hope alive! Make strides this year and take up a course that interests you!

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Kayla Hopkins

Kayla Hopkins

Content Editor
Kayla Hopkins is an accomplished writer and Medicare educator serving as the Editor of MedicareFAQ.com. Upon completing her Communications degree from Ohio University, Kayla dedicated her time to understanding the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare. With her extensive background as a Licensed Insurance Agent, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her writing.

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