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Does Medicare Advantage Cover Assisted Living

Medicare and Medicare Advantage don’t cover assisted living, but in 2020, some Medicare Advantage plans are offering benefits that will help seniors continue living independently. These benefits vary by plan and locality but may include such things as nutrition services, home modifications, and adult daycare. Medicare Advantage Plans and Assisted Living All Medicare Advantage plans…


Medicare Prior Authorization Explained

Medicare prior authorization may be necessary before your doctor can provide specific services. Different plan options are available for those who qualify for coverage. Alternative coverage plans such as Medicare Advantage policies require prior authorization before seeing a specialist. Requirements may vary depending on the plan type. What is Prior Authorization for Medicare Prior authorization…


Active & Fit Direct

After enrolling, our clients get an Active & Fit Direct Program link via e-mail. So, by using our company to join, you get the best options possible. You can buy an Active and Fit Direct Program access no matter which Medigap carrier you choose through our company. If you have concerns about a fitness program…