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Does Medicare Cover Mammograms

Medicare pays for an annual mammogram screening for beneficiaries ages 40 and up. Medicare covers necessary diagnostic mammograms and other types of testing. Part B covers mammograms at a doctor’s office, outpatient imaging center, or other outpatient facilities. Costs will be different for screening mammograms than for diagnostic mammograms. Below we look into the different…


Does Medicare Cover Incontinence Supplies

You may get Medicare coverage for incontinence supplies under particular conditions. Medicare will cover external catheters, as well as ostomy supplies and related urological supplies. Almost half of the adult Americans age 65 and older have incontinence issues. For the most part, Medicare won’t cover the cost of incontinence supplies. Below, we’ll answer some common questions…


Does Medicare Cover Total Knee Replacements or Alternative Treatments

Medicare covers total knee replacement surgery if the doctor deems it’s medically necessary. Medicare will also provide coverage for alternative treatments for knee replacement outside of surgery. The Medicare-covered alternative to knee replacements could include therapy, injections, or Durable Medical Equipment. Medicare may cover other knee replacement alternatives. Here we discuss surgery & alternative treatments for…