Jagger Esch is the President & CEO of Elite Insurance Partners. He's become one of the youngest industry leaders in Medicare today. Jagger is an active contributor to multiple publications and provides unique insights to help educate others.

Does Medicare Cover Hospice

Medicare covers hospice when it’s medically essential and the patient meets certain conditions. Once hospice benefits begin, everything you need in relation to your terminal illness will have coverage. However, there are certain requirements for being eligible for coverage. Medicare Can Cover Hospice Benefits Hospice care is a health care program that helps support people…


Most Americans Still Rate Their Healthcare Quite Positively.

Most Americans Still Rate Their Healthcare Quite Positively

Most Americans still rate their healthcare quite positively. Coverage and quality of personal healthcare services have a higher satisfaction rating. On a national scale, healthcare coverage and the quality of services doesn’t receive the same rating scores that personal healthcare coverage does. Congress is debating about how the United States’ health-care system needs some updating.…

The Trend in Rising Prescription Drug Costs

The Trend in Rising Prescription Drug Costs

There is a trend of rising prescription drugs costs. Americans pay more toward prescription drug costs that our counterparts elsewhere in the world. In 2017, insurers, insureds, and the government spent over $330 billion; according to data from the National Health Expenditure. The cost of prescription drugs continues to climb each year. Yet the prescription…