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    My neighbor referred me to MedicareFAQ and I am so glad that she did. They were such a delight to work with and I will now, in turn, refer them to my friends who are turning 65 in the near future!

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    I saved $753 a year by comparing rates with MedicareFAQ! My wife will be turning 65 next year, they will have her business as well as our family and friends.

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    I was really confused with all of the different options of Medicare Supplement insurance. MedicareFAQ was able to find the right plan for me that fit both my needs and my budget. You all are awesome!

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    I was so happy with the customer service that I received from MedicareFAQ. They were able to explain to me the differences between regular Medicare plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medigap plans. Thank you for taking the time to clarify all of the confusion that I was facing.

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WHY MedicareFAQ?

MedicareFAQ: Medicare Frequently Asked Questions Resource Center

MedicareFAQ is a learning resource center for Medicare recipients to learn about Medicare options and Medicare Supplement plans. We help individuals understand all Medicare options, whether it’s just learning about Original Medicare Part A and Part B or any of the other Medicare plans like; Medicare Supplements (Medigap), Medicare Advantage (Part C) or Prescription Drugs (Part D).

MedicareFAQ finds the best possible supplemental insurance for Medicare plan & rate for the specific individual’s needs and budget that we are working with. We make sure that each individual knows everything there is to know about the plan(s) they are considering and shop for the best rate from the nation’s top carriers in the Medicare market.

Our services are 100% free and there in no obligation to sign up!

Let our licensed Medicare agents help you and get back to living life!


Our mission is simple; make sure each individual we work with is educated about Medicare and all the Medicare Supplemental plans that come along with it.

MedicareFAQ works with the top carriers in the nation to find the best Medigap (Medicare Supplement) plan that fits each individuals budget. We strive to educated our clients on all the available options so that they can make an educated decision when purchasing their Medicare Supplement Insurance plan.


  • Compare every plan in your area!
  • View 100’s of plans from the nation’s top insurance carriers. Compare costs and benefits side-by-side!
    • Big savings on Supplemental Medicare options with a peace of mind!
    • Save even more on a variety of out-of-pocket expenses not covered by the Original Medicare.

Our licensed agents are available to help you make the right decision. LEARN about the plans, COMPARE the different types of plans, and SAVE on the plan you choice!

Our Medicare agents can help beneficiaries, caregivers, and their families make informed decisions. We are available by phone to offer you the one-on-one assistance that every Medicare recipient should have. Call us today at the number on the screen!


  1. Our employer-sponsored retiree health insurance is planning on a possible change to a UHC Medicare Advantage PPO from a regular UHC PPO. We are in discussions. What would be some of the questions and issues we should address before voting?

    • Hi Holly! This question is difficult to answer without knowing more information about what type of employer coverage you have with the UHC PPO plan currently. UHC PPO may or may not work similarly to a UHC Medicare Advantage PPO. I recently updated our FAQ article on Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Supplements that should help guide you on what questions to address before voting. For example, I would be asking questions like “what copays can you expect to pay out of pocket when you visit your providers now vs. Medicare Advantage PPO”, “what providers are in your current network vs. the Medicare Advantage PPO”, “what is the out-of-pocket maximum spend limit currently compared to the Medicare Advantage PPO”, etc. I would think the questions would be similar to the same questions you would ask when comparing Medigap with Medicare Advantage. I hope this helps!

  2. I have a niece that I have became her guardian through the courts . She has disability due from mental retardation from birth. Her father worked and kept her on his Insurance with his job. Now her Father got cancer in 2012 loss his job his home and filed for Medicare for his daughter then, how ever part D was not a law to have then as he continue to fight for his life while he took care of his daughter and 4 young grandsons they never made them selves guardians of their daughter as they did not know they needed to nor did he understand he ever needed to get a part D coverage for her she is 40 yrs now and he has passed a way . I am now playing catch up trying to get her a supplement plan or advantage plan to go with her Medicare . Now they are telling me she will have a Life time late enrollment penalty . Really she is like a 3 or 4 yr old who needs lots of daily help and her dad fought for his life every day he could. She isn’t 65 yrs she is healthy and takes no medicine at now . I am trying to do my best but this means she will pay a pentacle from 2015 to 2019 1% a month .this seems unfair since she could not help her self and her father was fighting every day for his life. Is this really true or is there any thing I can do to avoid this penalty for her .

    • Hi June. I’m so sorry about your current situation regarding your niece. Unfortunately yes, she will have a penalty for the rest of her life. If her income is low and she qualifies for Medicaid or Extra Help, her penalty would be waived. You could sign her up for a Medicare Advantage Plan that covers prescription medications and only have to pay the penalty she has incurred over the last four years. The 2020 Part D premium is $32.7, so if she went that route she would only have to pay somewhere around $16 per month. ($32.74 x .48 {4 years} = $15.71) The sooner you sign her up, the better. That way she will stop increasing her penalty and it will stay where it’s currently at. If she were to get a supplement plan & pick up Part D now, the monthly premium would be around $48.50. ($32.74 + $15.71 = $48.45) I would recommend looking into getting her Extra Help to see if she can get her penalty waived. I hope this helps!

  3. My husband is 79 and underwent chemo/radiation in 2018; cancer is now gone. however he is undergoing speech and swallowing therapy. We have a medicare advantage thru humana. Everytime there is a procedure or scans, xray we pay a co-pay of $325 or 220 or 180. Amaximum out of pocket of $10,000 for medical and meds together. Is there a better plan? he also has afib and kidney disease and copd. I have the same plan as him, my ailments are not as devastating but I do have a few. Suggestions?

    • Hi Ruthie! Unfortunately, your husband would not be approved for a Medigap plan. I would recommend two things in your situation. First, work with an agent during each AEP, which is right now, to find a lower cost advantage HMO if possible or PPO with all doctors in-network so his maximum out of pocket costs are lower. Second, since you’re a little healthier, you may be eligible for a Medigap plan. That would lower the total out of pocket costs between both of you.

  4. What would you suggest for a 59 year old female with malignant ascites, I have ssdi and they are putting me on medicare but no information on what my options are. I live in Washington state.

    • Hi Peggy! Unfortunately, not all states require carriers to offer Medigap plans to those on disability. Washington is one of those states that don’t require it, but some carriers may still offer it. However, the monthly premiums are usually higher for those on disability when compared to those that aged into Medicare.

      What most beneficiaries do in your situation is they enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan until they turn 65. Once they turn 65, those on disability will get another Open Enrollment Period that allows them to sign up for a Medigap plan. During this six-month window, you cannot be turned down due to your disability or charged higher premiums.

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